Bigg Boss 13: Returns of Siddharth Shukla

Boss 13 in yesterday’s episode. The actor who was earlier kept in the secret room so that he could recover from typhoid was later sent to the hospital for speedy recovery.

Reaction of housemates

Housemates gave a warm welcome to Sidharth Shukla but Rashami Desai was not very happy. Shehnaaz informed Shukla that even Asim missed him and also sang a song for him. “yaara teri yaari ko” Shukla gave a hug to Asim but later Asim and Rashami were seen talking behind Shukla’s back. Let’s see how Shukla’s re-entry changes the dynamics of the house.

When Bhau got evicted

After that hindustani bhau evected to his home. He said I’m not a double faces personality they all are celebrity and they know how to act but I’m a simple person.

Paras new strategy

As we all know that Shehnaaz Gill loves Paras Chhabra but in today episode paras clear his feeling about whom they love. He don’t love Shehnaaz Gill because he love his friend Mahira sharma and Mahira also had a feelings with Paras Chhabra.

Paras said his first priority is Mahira and then Shehnaaz but after listing this shehnaaz get hyper and she started crying in the washroom. Now, watch what’s the reaction of Shehnaaz about this.

Siddharth and Paras Friendship

Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla are friends now soon after Sidharth and Asim’s friendship broke. Sidharth is the most popular contestant and Asim was his BFF in the house. Soon after the two separated Paras Chhabra joint hands with Sidharth Shukla and now we see the two playing with each other. However, this friendship seems fake and Paras is just with Sidharth for the game. The housemates have also started feeling that since Sidharth is with Paras he is being manipulated. We thought of asking fans whether they feel Sidharth and Paras friendship is genuine or is it just for the game and will not last long. Vote now and let us know what do you guys think.

Tom and Jerry Task

Funny task

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